Things To Do in Sicily

Palermo 236x300 Things To Do in Sicily

What do you seek? Thrills or tranquility? Whatever it is, you’ll never be bored in Sicily! 

Ortigia Siracusa 237x300 Things To Do in Sicily
Ortigia, Siracusa

Crystal clear waters invite for scuba diving and other kinds of exciting sports.

Scala dei Turchi 260x300 Things To Do in Sicily
Scala dei Turchi

Sicily’s natural beauties are perfect for hiking, biking, botanizing, bird watching and horse riding. Explore archaeological sites, picturesque towns and sleepy mountain villages. Zipline over tree tops, go golfing, race down ski slopes in winter and trek Sicily’s volcanoes in summer, and when you run out of energy just get suntanned at one of the beautiful beaches.




San Vito 239x300 Things To Do in Sicily
San Vito
Folklore 300x286 Things To Do in Sicily

How about  some fun for children, for free or something a little bit different. Maybe you are still looking for an exceptional location for a corporate event or to celebrate an anniversary. Sicily could be the answer. The highlight of every Sicily holiday is an excursion to Mount Etna.

ETNA 300x280 Things To Do in Sicily


You got the choice between the classic day tour by bus, enjoying a kitschy sunset over the Aeolian Islands in the evening, or getting nose to nose with lunar landscapes on an off road tour.

History Things To Do in Sicily


Aurora View Resort: By the way, there is another thing you could do… Sicily is the most romantic place to get married!

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